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United Communication

To further enhance business communications, teamwork, and efficiency, Unified Communications (UC) brings all communication networks together. This includes instant messaging (chat), voice (including IP telephony), mobility features (including extension mobility and single number reach), email, presence information, audio, web & video conferencing, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), desktop sharing, data sharing (including web-connected electronic interactive whiteboards), call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). Simply put, UC streamlines employee communications, bringing together business tasks, projects and a schedule for increased productivity. The solution enables you to manage and integrate a range of communication channels to provide a consistent user experience—to make life easier on a daily basis. Also, UC allows customers to move freely from channel to channel without having to repeat themselves and their reason for interacting every time they switch channels. UC is not necessarily a single product, but a series of products that provide different devices and media forms with a clear, coherent user interface and user experience. B2B Group LLC provides sales and installation of compatible products for your companies.

Call Center Headset
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